Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Orientation and Camp Biola

Torrientation finished up last Friday after a crazy and exhausting week of fun. The day after Man night we went to the beach, and that was relaxing, except for when the Pacific Ocean turned out to be freezing. The moment you actually like East Coast beaches. The night after we had a final Torrey tea, where the president spoke and the parents came back. My group Homer, won the Game night from a few nights earlier, and received a candy jar. It definitely was a nice cherry on top to an amazing first week of college, or camp? I think I'm at college...
These past few days the rest of the Freshman class has arrived, and we have had various sessions on entering college. The last night the parents were here we had a communion service, which was an awesome way to end the parents portion of Orientation. There were a ton of great speakers, and some really sad stories of incoming Freshman. It was really cool to hear how strong people stood by their faith even in such hardship. Since many of the Torrey "chums" (the slang for a Torrey student) were already oriented, we did what we do best, getting together and silently reading. Its funny how much fun you can have just reading with a group of people. Finally we had a community commissioning, where we were welcomed followed by Singspiration, which is a weekly hour long worship service. It was so cool being with a huge group of strong believers who were all into it and wanted to worship God. Being in this community is such a blessing. Tonight we have our commencement dinner to finish all of Orientation. Next stop, the start of classes. Here we go.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Wild Start

Wow its only been three days. In this short time, I have already made a ton of friends, learned more than I thought I could, laughed and have grown more than I can put into words. Over the past two days, we have had five lectures on various topics for Torrey from the Torrey paper to note-taking and discussions. If you are confused on what Torrey is, then head over to my About Me page where I have a blurb giving a brief rundown of Torrey.

We had a lot of bonding time with our Cohort these past few days as well. I am in the Homer Group, which is comprised of thirteen others. We already feel like a family, supporting each other and laughing together. Its just amazing how when God is the glue to friendship, it sticks and holds strong. We had Game Night yesterday and when we entered, we were nice to each other and it was great. After that night ended it was obvious that we were going to be a great group and we were perfectly placed together by God. We also had our first session on ManAlive, which went well for a first time discussing with everyone!

Tonight was also man night, which under oath cannot be discussed, but it was the best night so far and won't be forgotten.

It's only day three, and I can't wait for what God has ahead.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Journey Begins

Well it all finally happened! I headed out last Thursday to Chicago with my parents and Hannah and stayed the night there before catching the train the following day. The train from Chicago to LA is a two-night train which was really nice. I caught up on my Torrey (Honors program) reading and got to just relax. The rooming was a little tight, but nothing too bad. We arrived Sunday in LA and went around town and then packed it in until Monday, today, for the big start.

My college experience started a little early with an interview with the Master of Apologetics program for an audio/visual editor position. It seems like a great fit and that I could mix both my passion for film and defending the faith in one job. From there we looked around the area, and there are sure a ton of places to go. Across the street is the #1 disc golf course in Orange County, within walking distance there is a Starbucks and Panera, and a short drive gets you to In n' Out, Walmart, Target, and practically any store you could think of. We arrived and moved into my dorm, Emerson. I'm on the first floor, and my room is much bigger than other dorm room I gave seen. My roommate arrives Friday, since he is not in Torrey. Then we had an opening address, went to dinner, said goodbyes, and I was on my own. Tonight we did a bunch of get to know you games, many of which we play at Chop Point. Then we met out cohort, and played games in the gym and got ice cream. I have already met so many cool people and I definitely feel at home, and ready to seek God through this new season. He led me here for a reason, and I am already very excited for this amazing blessing! Will write in the next few days about Torrientation!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trusting on the Unknown Course

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight"

1. He is the Physician, and if he knows all, there is no need that the patient should know. Hush, thou silly, fluttering heart, prying, peeping, and suspecting! What thou knowest not now, thou shalt know hereafter, and meanwhile Jesus, the beloved Physician, knows thy soul in adversities. Why need the patient analyze all the medicine, or estimate all the symptoms? This is the Physician’s work, not mine; it is my business to trust, and his to prescribe. If he shall write his prescription in uncouth characters which I cannot read, I will not be uneasy on that account, but rely upon his unfailing skill to make all plain in the result, however mysterious in the working.

2. He is the Master, and his knowledge is to serve us instead of our own; we are to obey, not to judge: “The servant knoweth not what his lord doeth.” Shall the architect explain his plans to every hodman on the works? If he knows his own intent, is it not enough? The vessel on the wheel cannot guess to what pattern it shall be conformed, but if the potter understands his art, what matters the ignorance of the clay? My Lord must not be cross-questioned any more by one so ignorant as I am.

3. He is the Head. All understanding centres there. What judgment has the arm? What comprehension has the foot? All the power to know lies in the head. Why should the member have a brain of its own when the head fulfils for it every intellectual office? Here, then, must the believer rest his comfort in sickness, not that he himself can see the end, but that Jesus knows all.
Sweet Lord, be thou forever eye, and soul, and head for us, and let us be content to know only what thou choosest to reveal.

As I embark on this Odyssey Lord, let me trust you and believe your will is good, even when I lack understanding.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Post!

Well here we go. I thought about creating a blog, and went back and forth on the idea, but I decided that since I am terrible at communication, I should start a blog to at least let those who may be interested in seeing what I am up to. I plan on everything from experiences to praises and prayers. In the end, this blog is also for me to keep track of my journey, and I may be the only person to read the post I am reading right now! But if you are reading this, and plan on reading, I hope you enjoy this wild ride through college. Will write again soon.