Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Orientation and Camp Biola

Torrientation finished up last Friday after a crazy and exhausting week of fun. The day after Man night we went to the beach, and that was relaxing, except for when the Pacific Ocean turned out to be freezing. The moment you actually like East Coast beaches. The night after we had a final Torrey tea, where the president spoke and the parents came back. My group Homer, won the Game night from a few nights earlier, and received a candy jar. It definitely was a nice cherry on top to an amazing first week of college, or camp? I think I'm at college...
These past few days the rest of the Freshman class has arrived, and we have had various sessions on entering college. The last night the parents were here we had a communion service, which was an awesome way to end the parents portion of Orientation. There were a ton of great speakers, and some really sad stories of incoming Freshman. It was really cool to hear how strong people stood by their faith even in such hardship. Since many of the Torrey "chums" (the slang for a Torrey student) were already oriented, we did what we do best, getting together and silently reading. Its funny how much fun you can have just reading with a group of people. Finally we had a community commissioning, where we were welcomed followed by Singspiration, which is a weekly hour long worship service. It was so cool being with a huge group of strong believers who were all into it and wanted to worship God. Being in this community is such a blessing. Tonight we have our commencement dinner to finish all of Orientation. Next stop, the start of classes. Here we go.

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