Monday, August 19, 2013

The Journey Begins

Well it all finally happened! I headed out last Thursday to Chicago with my parents and Hannah and stayed the night there before catching the train the following day. The train from Chicago to LA is a two-night train which was really nice. I caught up on my Torrey (Honors program) reading and got to just relax. The rooming was a little tight, but nothing too bad. We arrived Sunday in LA and went around town and then packed it in until Monday, today, for the big start.

My college experience started a little early with an interview with the Master of Apologetics program for an audio/visual editor position. It seems like a great fit and that I could mix both my passion for film and defending the faith in one job. From there we looked around the area, and there are sure a ton of places to go. Across the street is the #1 disc golf course in Orange County, within walking distance there is a Starbucks and Panera, and a short drive gets you to In n' Out, Walmart, Target, and practically any store you could think of. We arrived and moved into my dorm, Emerson. I'm on the first floor, and my room is much bigger than other dorm room I gave seen. My roommate arrives Friday, since he is not in Torrey. Then we had an opening address, went to dinner, said goodbyes, and I was on my own. Tonight we did a bunch of get to know you games, many of which we play at Chop Point. Then we met out cohort, and played games in the gym and got ice cream. I have already met so many cool people and I definitely feel at home, and ready to seek God through this new season. He led me here for a reason, and I am already very excited for this amazing blessing! Will write in the next few days about Torrientation!

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