Monday, September 23, 2013

God and The Little Things

Today was one of those days that I can look back and simply say, "Wow, thanks God". I went to Reality LA again, however I with a different group of people, which was cool. We went out for lunch and I got to know some new people. On the way home, it was just sublime to look out on LA and know this is my home, and I have so much to do at my fingertips. I can see God's creation, from new short films to the beach to just nature. 

The afternoon constituted a 16-photo lighting project and reading Ovid, but it was just cool to continue to work on my craft. Then I had floor dinner, followed by frisbee. I joined an intramural frisbee team for the fall, and we had our second practice today. Its awesome to play with really talented players and help me get better at what I love. From there, we had our awesome Singspiration, which, as always, was so much fun just worshipping for an hour. The night was capped by a Homer prayer session and heading to the Biola Breakers club. Biola Breakers is just a group of people who get together Sunday nights and just breakdance. There was a good 60 people there, doing all different forms of breaking, as well as new and experienced people. Some of the people were amazing, and I'm excited to stop by and just practice one of my old passions.

What a day. I could talk about this past week, but as you can tell, Biola is awesome, and everyday is a blessing. I can't thank God enough for leading me to a place that I could feel at home and just be enriched in my faith constantly while having a ton of fun. God is awesome, get to know him. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Settling In

This past week has really settled me into my groove and made Biola feel like home instead of a summer camp (well, its still pretty much a summer camp). Its been really cool to see my Torrey group grow closer even through really difficult situations. Last Tuesday one of my close friends Bri had a severe migraine causing her to go to the ER and then spend 5 days off campus recovering. I showed up in the midst of the attack to study, and when she went off to the ER, we organized a prayer session with the rest of our group and our seers from Torrientation, and prayed. I can't say enough how awesome it is to be part of a Christ-centered community and to add, the power of prayer worked, Bri came back today, and last time this occurred it took 12 days!

Torrey has been exhausting but still a ton of fun. I started the Aeneid on Friday and just finished my notes for it tonight, covering over a 180 pages today alone and all my notes. I did between 6-9 hours of homework today. Even with all the work, its still great to be part of a family like Homer, where we study together for support and yell at Virgil for being the worst girlfriend for always talking and never giving us what "she" wants. What is hard is that Torrey never ends, so I finished the Aeneid and now I need to start Metamorphoses of Ovid for next Monday.

With all the work, this week was really stressful. It was nice to grow a lot closer to two friends, Ike and Mitchell, through this time, and opening up and just being there for each other during these hard times.

My job has been great as well! This was my first full week, and I have already learned a ton. I finished my first project in half the time he wanted it done, which was nice! Now I have a very ominous but exciting project; make 112 video trailers between 30 seconds and 2 minutes for every item on their webstore. To watch through all the events and lectures alone it will take 225 hours! Though that probably sounds awful, its awesome that I am watching 225 hours of content that will help me deepen my faith and learn more about our awesome God. I practically deserve a masters in Apologetics after my job.

As a whole, Biola has been pretty awesome, from 2 hour Disney-land trips, to watching romantic comedies, to just how its always 80 and sunny, its bubble popping with the Love of God!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Crying, Laughing, Smiling- Week 2 of Classes

Thursday night means another week of classes has come to an end. Monday classes were cancelled, and for the first time I got to go to Disneyland (which is 10 minutes away). As a child "deprived" of a Disney childhood, everything was pretty foreign, but by the end of the day, it was obvious that magic was real. The World of Color show is like seeing the colors of Heaven come to life, and I am so thankful  for all my friends that came to give me the best first Disney experience.

Classes picked up again Tuesday, and I had Art of Storytelling for the first time, which was really cool and got to see the movie Breaking Away. We had our final Iliad session Wednesday, which went really well. Even though I was out of it for most of the three hours, we reached a conclusion, and learned a ton.

Last night I stayed up till 2 to help a friend on his Visual Aesthetics project, which was to turn a painting into a photo (see mine below!). This led to passing out on the floor of the library today, and taking two naps. In light of that, today was another awesome day, a day to thank the Lord for bringing me to a place like Biola. My Torrey group held a prayer session last night, which really opened us up and let us all share things we are going through. Seeing us grow as a community of Christ is so awesome, and it still makes me excited to think that I have this group for four years. Its only been three weeks, what will the Lord do with four years?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Classes Labor Day Weekend

I need to start writing more often because I begin to forget everything that is going on here. As my roommate would say, "College is rad". But to add, Biola is a little slice of heaven.

Classes began Wednesday, and it is crazy to have everything begin. Our first official Torrey session went well; our question was whether Achilleus is under more external or internal conflict. We never reached a conclusion, but we had an awesome three hour discussion, which goes by super fast. I also had Visual Aesthetics and First Year Seminar this week, both of which are awesome. Its crazy being an art major, and realizing that I have art-like homework. Watch Vertigo by Hitchcock? Sure, I'll do that for homework. Now I do have to read for all my classes, but its on interesting material, unlike Bio or Calculus (no offense).

Then the weekend began. Friday I went to a water park that is about a two-minute walk from Biola with the Freshman class, and that was a ton of fun. Was in the lazy river the entire time practically. Then got back and, yes, went to bed at 8 PM. That's a college record. Saturday I hung out with some in the morning and then studied all afternoon. The day was capped off by a trip to the beach at sunset. We got to swim and then roast marshmallows and hang out. I went with a lot of people I did not know, so it was cool making new friends. We got back and celebrated a friend's birthday on top of our parking structure, which was epic. Today I went to Reality LA with my roommate, which was amazing! Great sermon and awesome worship music. God could be felt in that building. The afternoon was relaxed and studied. After dinner with my floor I got to play Frisbee and then go to our hour-long all worship service, Singspo. That was awesome. Getting to sing to the Lord for an hour straight is so refreshing. The night ended with our weekly Homer Bible study on Hebrews, which was really cool. Getting to be part of a Christ-centered college and then part of a Christ-centered Torrey group is my favorite thing so far about Biola. The people are seeking the Lord.

I can't wait to see what's ahead for us. Tomorrow class is off, and its time to go to Dinseyland for the first time. Thanks God!