Monday, September 23, 2013

God and The Little Things

Today was one of those days that I can look back and simply say, "Wow, thanks God". I went to Reality LA again, however I with a different group of people, which was cool. We went out for lunch and I got to know some new people. On the way home, it was just sublime to look out on LA and know this is my home, and I have so much to do at my fingertips. I can see God's creation, from new short films to the beach to just nature. 

The afternoon constituted a 16-photo lighting project and reading Ovid, but it was just cool to continue to work on my craft. Then I had floor dinner, followed by frisbee. I joined an intramural frisbee team for the fall, and we had our second practice today. Its awesome to play with really talented players and help me get better at what I love. From there, we had our awesome Singspiration, which, as always, was so much fun just worshipping for an hour. The night was capped by a Homer prayer session and heading to the Biola Breakers club. Biola Breakers is just a group of people who get together Sunday nights and just breakdance. There was a good 60 people there, doing all different forms of breaking, as well as new and experienced people. Some of the people were amazing, and I'm excited to stop by and just practice one of my old passions.

What a day. I could talk about this past week, but as you can tell, Biola is awesome, and everyday is a blessing. I can't thank God enough for leading me to a place that I could feel at home and just be enriched in my faith constantly while having a ton of fun. God is awesome, get to know him. 


  1. Good to see post-war life treating you well.

  2. FRISBEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nuff said. jk it sounds like you are finding you niche.