Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm back!

Sorry for the long delay! Life has been a non-stop roller coaster ride and I have been enjoying every moment. These past few weeks I have had a ton of fun getting on set, making new friends, going to concerts, seeing my parents. and working on film projects! To highlight a few things:

A few weeks ago we had Torrey Conference. This is one of Biola's two conferences where we take three days off of classes to focus on the most important thing of all, God! This year's theme was WITH, where we focused on that God is always with us. This really spoke to me in the area of work, because I can easily fall under the mindset that I present God at the end with what I did, but he has been there the whole time. We got to hear from Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales! He was awesome, as well as the other speakers. I also participated in the Sabbath, which was really refreshing. I just biked with God and talked with him for an hour and a half.

Work has been pretty good! It has gotten a bit routine like, and not too creative, but I am learning a lot and enjoy getting off campus.

My roommate and I finally rearranged out room, got a TV, coffee table, and a futon. Its awesome! Andy also has been great. He is super funny and I could not ask for a better first-year roommate.

This past weekend was Parents Weekend! It was awesome getting to see them, showing them around my new home. We went to Laguna Beach, got a ton of clothes, and went out for some good ol' steak. Man have I missed a good steak.

To cap the weekend, I saw the PRISM concert at Biola, which was breathtaking. I had no idea we had such a diverse and talented music program. Every single performance was fantastic and was the best $7 dollars you could spend on a Saturday. Afterwards I got to just hangout with a huge group of friends, mostly Torrey, and just talk. I feel like with all the work recently it has been hard to do that, but it was a blessing to get to know some people better, meet new people, and have fun instead of reading!

My Torrey paper is due Friday, which is pretty scary. I am writing about Aeneas in the Aeneid. Should be fun, but it is our biggest assignment. I know God will be with me though (thanks Torrey conference).

Overall, college is awesome. It has its downs and hard days, and there are days I ask God what he is doing and where he's hiding, but he always comes out and says he has been there the whole time. I am growing and learning so much about myself and what type of person I want to be. God is providing big, and I can't thank him enough!

I'll write soon, I promise!


Friday, October 4, 2013

God is Busy at Work!

Wow it has been an unbelievable two weeks. If I were to accurately describe what has happened since my last post, it'd be a full length essay.

Classes have been really fun and have picked up fast. Currently we are in the middle of the Divine Comedy in Torrey, reading and discussing Purgatory this upcoming week. Session has been extremely interesting, especially now that we are in Christian literature. Covering topics such as "Is God in Hell" are awesome! Film has been really fun as well. We watched the Truman Show, which was one of the best films I have seen recently. In Visual Aesthetics, we are in the midst of another project on color. Every other weekend is a film project, and that is awesome.

From here I am just going to highlight some of the best moments.

Currently I am starting probably one of the biggest blessings God has given me since getting to Biola in film. Through a good connection, two of my friends and I are starting a project that is through Chapel, LEAD, and the President of Biola, Dr. Correy. We are embarking on a project where we will be interviewing students about their testimonies and how God has worked in their lives. These will be shown weekly at Chapels, and will go along with the theme of Biola this year, Spirit and Story. This is such an amazing opportunity to work with clients, work on a team, and do something that can really impact the entire school, and we are only Freshman. The DBC (our president) has tried to get this going for years, so he has shown a ton of support! I even got to meet him twice and talk (he have me a cake pop, pretty awesome)! We shot the first testimony the other day, and hope to air the first one at the end of October.

I got to mess around with a Red Epic the other day in our studio, which is one of the best, if not the best, digital camera on the market for Hollywood films. Movies such as Social Network and The Hobbit were shot on the Red camera, and man is it a beauty!

My roommate and I finally rearranged our room, and its starting to turn into a nice home. We are getting a couch, and just got a coffee table and he is bringing up a TV.

I got to Disney again, so I have paid off my Season pass and technically every time after this is free! Always a ton of fun and its nice to get off campus.

Work has been great! I am getting faster at editing and I just love learning about God while doing my passion and its work! I have watched lectures on "Is God Real" "Did Jesus Rise From the Dead" and "Does Evil Disprove God". Really enriching!

Simply said, every night is a ton of fun, staying up till 2ish talking and hanging with friends, and just being in such a good Christ-centered community. God has blessed me with so many good friends and I know this is where he has called me. Praying before class and before frisbee games, Bible studies, and awesome chapel speakers have helped me grow my faith and deepen my identity in Christ.