Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Long-Needed Break

A break! As I stick out my 4-hours in LAX waiting for my flight, boy am I thankful to get to see my family! Although it will be beyond weird to be home, and to see my room and dog, I'm excited. In one way though, this break will be just a change in location for studying, since I have a ton of work to do over break! I'm stoked to see my friends, eat Mom's delicious home cookin, and get some sleep for once.

This past week has been filled with its crazy moments. Today, for example, I had the classic college moment of sleeping through seven, yes, seven, alarms and missing work, a meeting with my mentor, and class. It was not pleasant. I ended up making up my hours, but feel bad missing class.

This past weekend I shot my final film for visual aesthetics, and I am super excited for it! The film needs to be a 3-minute silent film. I was the DP for the film, and I think it is easily my best work (I guess film school is paying off!) Here is a still from one of our shots (prior to color correction). I am super excited to see what our editor comes up with! We are putting the film to the song We Bought A Zoo by Jonsi.

I got to see Catching Fire this past weekend, and o my, it was good. Much better than the first in terms of cinematography, pacing, and acting. I nearly cried three different times, and that says something! It was fun getting off campus with a big group of people.

I would say more, but I am getting tired. You know college is great though when you are going to miss it for the few days you'll be gone! Happy Thanksgiving folks!

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