Sunday, November 17, 2013

Closing in on Turkey

Sorry that I don't write more often! As the year moves forward, it becomes increasingly difficult to write.

The past two weeks have been a crazy ride for sure. I was able to go to three different concerts held by our Music program at Biola. All were amazing and a ton of fun! We have a fantastic music program, and getting to see them perform for free is worth my time!

Last Sunday was Midnight Madness, which was unbelievably epic. To see how awesome it was, check out this short 1-minute video my school put together.

It hands down was one of my favorite nights of the year, and it truly can only be described from the video and well, this photo.

My ultimate is heading to the playoffs! We won our last game against the number three seeded team, giving us a 4-3 record and in-line for next weekends playoffs. If we do well, we could be champions Saturday night.

We began reading the best book ever written last week, the Bible! Our two sessions on Genesis were so eye-opening and getting to spend 6 hours discussing it was so enriching and glorifying! We are now about to start Exodus, which should be just as fun!

I have been able to get on a few different sets, working as a gaffer (lighting) and sound op. Although they are usually 12-hour days, I enjoy them so much.

I also was able to direct my own piece a few weekends ago for an event called Guerilla Film Initiative. I actually did not plan to do it, but my food friend Ike lost his director, so I jumped in and took over! I reworked the script a bit and we put together a pretty good horror short. It was a ton of fun getting to work with Ike, he was the DP and we worked off each other both on shot ideas and then in post-production editing.

Next weekend I am shooting my final film for Visual Aesthetics, which needs to be a 3-minute short. We once again made crews and so I am working with my good friend Mitchell and some other cool cats from my class. I'm super stoked for our film!

I have definitely settled into my life at Biola and I am loving my new home-church, Southlands. The worship is so good and the sermon is scripturally-based, which is so good! I'm glad I found it in my first semester; now I can spend the next 3 years getting involved and becoming invested in the community.

Life is good, finally an adult, and as always, God is so good.


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