Monday, February 10, 2014

2 Weeks In

Has it only been two weeks? It feels like I have been back for months already. Since getting back, I have been blessed by great friendships growing from first semester and growing in my relationship with God.

My classes are all fantastic. I am taking:
German 1- A ton of fun because we read the Lord's prayer and the Gospel of John in German!
Principles of Management- Learning about running a business and turning around agents, awesome!
Torrey- Always good! Reading Aristotle currently.
Directing for TV and Film- Making movies, what I love.

I also have a great schedule again, no classes Friday and no night classes.

Last weekend (and maybe the weekend before as well) I got to go to the Hollywood walk, Disneyland, and the beach! It was great catching up with friends and making some new ones as well!
This past weekend I hung around campus more, but saw Walter Mitty again, which is truly one of the best films of the year. I also filmed my first film of the semester Friday, which went well and got to film behind the counter of a cafe in downtown Fullerton.

I also got to go to Southlands today for the first time since getting back! It was a convicting message on hypocrisy and really enjoyed the worship! Then ended the day with Singspo, which is always so refreshing.

It is great to back, not much to say. Although it has been a roller coaster two weeks with stress and difficult situations, the Lord is with me, and there really isn't anything to fear. Because he provides peace in the crisis, and is truly a refuge. Looking forward to the week and Bot coming Friday!

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