Saturday, February 8, 2014

Train Trip. Reflection

So I know I am pretty bad at writing posts. I think if you read my blog continually you see that with my lack of posts. However, I do want to write more this semester.

Coming back to Biola I took the train from Newark to New Orleans with my Dad and then took the train from New Orleans to LA. In between that time my Dad and I also got to spend two days in New Orleans, going to Jazz concerts, eating beignets, and going to some great museums.

The trip from Newark to New Orleans (The Southern Crescent as it is called) takes you through a very diverse landscape. One minute you could be in a beautiful forest with small lakes, and next surrounded by junk and in a bad part of a town. But I think this is what makes the train trips special, you get to see so many different parts of America. I also really enjoyed getting to just hang with my Dad, play cards, and meet different people.

New Orleans, as said above, was great. My Dad and I both were first-time visitors, and we hit every major sight in the New Orleans book. We got to see the WWII museum, the NOMA, the famous/infamous Bourbon Street, and much more. The weather was great, and it was a relaxing two days.

My final leg on the train was, more or less, fantastic. I got to meet so many interesting people, because for meals they sit you with random people. I met a teacher, Texas Rancher, a lawyer, hypnotherapist, a British music-goer, and a few other characters. The food is always great, and this trip was especially fun because the Dining Car steward was very nice and took care of me. He always called me Andy and introduced me as the next Hollywood Director. It was fun. I also got Anna Karenenia start to finish done, which was tiring but very worth-while. The book was great and ironically so major scenes took place on a train!

Overall, I love my second train trip to Biola, and am looking forward to the other two routes in the coming years.

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