Sunday, March 2, 2014


At Biola, there are boys and girls. And there are rare occasions where a boy may like a girl, or vice versa. And, well, I think that many times people go about this the wrong way. And, I guess I should add, that this whole liking thing happens everywhere.

So this is the first draft of an eventual polished peace about the subject, but before someone else takes my idea, I need to patent this so it comes up on Google search, because currently it is still original! This is the statement I will be working off of:

"Seek the person, not the relationship"

Many times I see people and talk to people who are interested in someone, and they always go about it in the manner of seeking the relationship. When someone seeks the relationship, all of their motives and interactions with the other are meant to move towards a relationship or to push the person into liking them. This can be done very subtly and may look like they are not seeking the relationship However, the big pointer that they are not seeking the person is when they either find out the other person is not interested, or they are not getting reciprocal responses to their flirting.

When you seek a person, you do not care whether the relationship moves forward. You simply desire to get to know someone for their own good. This also models more of a true love. You do not care what you want, you want what is best for them and what they need. Obviously, this is very hard. If you like someone, and think that "they are the one", you will obviously want to move forward. But this is not always the best case for other.

It seems like such a simple idea, but I know countless people that have said or have done that once they find out that the other person does not like them, they move on. What happened to patience? How does this show that you care at all for the person. This shows that you are desiring the benefits of the relationship, and really who the person in does not make too much of a difference. They just have to meet the requirements.

But when you meet someone special, don't rush it. Seek them for who they are. Get to know their good and bad side, and be the best friend you can possibly be for them. By doing this, one day they may look in the mirror and say, "Wow, he/she really cares for me, and has never asked for anything in return. He simply cares about me. This is someone I want to spend my life with". But if they never do, then you have simply been an amazing friend for someone and have shown them what love looks like. You both win.

This was written in like 5 minutes, and will be polished later.

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  1. I would challenge your second line, "rare occasions." :-) Have you ever seen "When Harry Met Sally?" That will clear up your thought about rare occasions! ;-)