Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Weekend of All Weekends

It has been quite awhile since I have last uploaded a blog post. However, this past weekend was so fun and exciting, that I know twenty years from now I will want to be able to remember as many details as possible. So here we go!

The weekend started when... at roughly 4:30 Biola took down the fence. Now, this fence, which ran from Emerson to Sigma, has been the enemy of all students and their poor jackets, which get ripped and shredded by the fence. It was also just a nuisance to be on the right side of that fence. But they took it down. So Emily and I celebrated by running around screaming to Doctor Who music and made a scene (which has become a profession).
The fun really began Thursday night. Emily and I drove Ben (my roommate next year!) to the airport to drop Ben off to head home for a wedding, and then after Emily and I decided to celebrate her recent anatomy test (she's a nursing major, aka, has signed up to die) by going out to a local diner for some food. We got an amazing piece of apple pie, and discussed the life of Joseph the Turtle and Lucy the Hippo. It was a simple night, but a great start to the weekend.

Friday- The Ultimate Day of College

Friday was, hands down, the best day of my time at Biola, and definitely the most memorable. The day began with a 6 hour film shoot. I am on team of three guys working on all the films for next year's Torrienation. For one of our videos, we are making a Mentor Introduction. I was delegated the director of this film, and so I decided to be ambitious and go all out. I reserved one of the studios at Biola and got all the mentors to come in and do some epic posing. We made a rotating pedestal to have them stand on. I'll post that once it is done.
However, it was Friday night that will be remembered. Liz, Emily, and I hung out first in Emily's room until 11, pretending to do homework. When it was time to kick me out of the girl's floor, we all decided we should grab a bite of food before we would try to get back to work. What malarky.
We headed to Taco Bell, a classic late-night snack, and ate in Emily's trunk. When some sketchy guys in a car creeped me out, not the girls of course, we headed across the way to Wendy's and grabbed a shake. Halfway until the delicious shake, we once again were confronted with a problem. An 18 wheeler was boxing us in and the driver was putting gloves on. Of course, I assumed he was going to murder us, so we tailed out of there and headed 50 feet away to an empty parking lot (much safer). There I got the idea we should dance, so we went Footloose style (ya know, with Biola being anti-dance and all) and did swing dancing and breakdancing.
From there we hit the road and tried to find a late night thing to do. After realizing that most places are closed at 1 AM on a Friday, we went to the one place that is always open, a playground. This was only after an epic car dance rave. To sum up the playground in a few words, I would just say in an one hour we went to New Zealand on Air Schundler, broke me out of jail, and climbed trees and did star tripping. It was awesome. This day really felt like college, just doing crazy things and having fun. Who would've thought you could have a ton of fun without needing drugs? We did.

Saturday I woke up late due to the very late night the day before. Once I got going, the day was pretty much consumed by homework. However, it was a good temperature outside (not too hot, and not too warm) so we did homework outside. This was a good change from the library. Nothing else really happened besides Saturday night when Emily and I were both texting her sister Sarah and Sarah was texting me and not Em. We're pretty much best friends, and I have been named honorary Bridesmaid for her wedding (going to be tough to swing videographer and maid of honor, but I can do it). The other somewhat noteworthy instance of the night is when Emily jumped off her bed head first into her wardrobe. It was so fast, none of saw her get a concussion. O wait, she was just sitting next to me and leaned back. But somehow that lead to a pretty nasty concussion. Luckily though, her sisters and I are looking into investing in a thud helmet and bumpers for her room. She should be safe from here on out.

Sunday was a long, somewhat normal, but still very fun day. The Torrey Paper was due Monday, so most of my day was consumed with correcting and polishing the paper. Emily, Liz, and I took a break for lunch and did cartwheels and gymnastics, which was a ton of fun. Being weird and kids, its a hobby. Jumping forward, I went to Singspo Sunday night and that was really fun! The Gospel choir led worship and the Biola Mime group (who knew we had a mime group) performed a worship dance. It was very touching. The night ended, well never ended, in the Production Center with Emily, Liz, and I rushing to get a lot of work done. The night was going fairly well until 6AM, where I attempted to take a 20 minute nap. When Emily came to wake me up, she fell asleep too. When I woke up, it was 9 o'clock, and I had to rush to print my Torrey paper and get to session. Liz tried to get both Emily and I up, but I was totally out and Emily passed out on the table not willing to try to get up. And although we got a lot less done, it was memorable, and thanks to God, we did get the work done eventually.

So, as you can see, it was fairly memorable. From parking lot dancing to all nighters, this will go down as one of my favorite weekends at Biola.

Pictures to come soon!

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