Hi, I'm Andrew, in case you didn't already know that. I am a Freshman at Biola University, majoring in Cinema and Media Arts. I am also in the Homer Group, Johnson House of the Torrey Honors Program at Biola. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as I take on the adventure of college.

What is Torrey Honors Institute?

Torrey is a great books program at Biola which is comprised of roughly 100 people in each grade. That 100 is split across 8 groups or Cohorts, and four for each house, Johnson and Morgan. Johnson house takes on the Honors curriculum thematically, while Morgan takes it on Chronologically. Each group is made up of 12-16 people, and this group goes through all four years together. The style of Torrey is based around the Oxford-style of teaching, which is group discussions over lectures. Each session is three hours long, and is entirely discussion based and reliant on the group. The professor is different every session, and is there to keep the group pointing towards the right direction and to present questions to work through.

Each Torrey student receives a mentor, who also is your mentor for all four years and is your go-to person from the faculty. They grade your mid-rags (midterms) and don-rags (finals), and are there to check-in about the books and just life in general.

When it comes to the work, it is entirely based off finding beauty and truth in the text. This basically breaks down to reading, taking notes, discussing in class, and then writing a Pull Question (PQ) after the final session. There are no tests on the books, just the very important Don Rags.

That is Torrey in a nut-shell from a week-one perspective!

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